Frequently-asked questions

As the leading dent repair specialists in Melbourne, and Australia-wide we’ve come to understand that every job is unique. Whether it’s the colour of the paint, how deep the dent / scratch is, where the repair is located and the make / model of the car, it can vary from job to job but is generally between 1 and 4 hours. Your technician can provide an estimate when he calls you.

Repairs can be carried out on any private driveways or car park with access to power and 2m clearance on the area to be repaired.

Unfortunately, repairs cannot be carried out in underground car parks or on public roads.

With most repairs the vehicle can be driven within 1 to 2 hours.

We utilise the latest in mobile repair technology otherwise known in the industry as SMART repairs which is fast growing in popularity all over the world.

Yes, mobile repairs are limited to minor scuffs, scrapes and dings the type of damage that is typically caused from everyday incidental driving and car park mishaps. Your technician will advise if the damage is to large for a mobile repair.

Vans are fitted with a full automotive paint systems capable of creating and matching every vehicle colour using the vehicle colour code no different to the process and paints used in a quality panel repair shop. For more difficult colours most vans also carry Spectrophotometers; a device that measures the wavelength of light which is used to determine the colors present and using this information to provide an accurate colour match and tint formula.

On completion of the repair by credit card or eftpos.

Yes, all Franchisees carry public liability insurance of $10m

Yes, all repairs come with an automatic 5 year guarantee.

  • Perfect colour matching
  • No impact on your car insurance
  • Trade qualified and courteous tradesman