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Utilising the very latest in mobile repair technology our growing team of qualified automotive paint technicians bring the repair shop to you.

Bumper Bar & Body Kit Repair

Plastic Bumper Bars, spoilers and side skirts are commonly damaged through low-speed accidents on busy roads or misjudged parking. Your qualified Jim technician can repair scuffs and scrapes like they were never there.

Panel Scratches & Scuffs

Panel scratches and scuffs are often the unfortunate result of minor parking incidents, low speed accidents and general mishaps. Your Jim Technician can expertly repair most scuffs and scratches leaving your car looking like new (excludes scratches on roof, bonnet and boot lid where paint work is required)

Alloy Wheel Repair

It’s all too easy to scrape and scratch your prized alloys on roadside curbs and other obstacles. Fortunately, your friendly Jim technician can repair, colour match and respray your wheels to look new again.

Minor Panel Damage

This repair service assists with those minor hits and knocks that causes a panel to slightly crease, bend or dent out of its original shape. The panel is first expertly restored to its original shape, colour matched and professionally painted leaving your car looking like new.
*Please note that at this stage unfortunately we don’t have a repair service for hail damage

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